Get ready to lead the change

In a hyperconnected world, future challenges lie hidden on today’s data. To decode tomorrow’s demands you need speed and flexibility. Are you ready?
At Hawkore we provide innovative technology for your business to drive the change.
When currently available solutions are not enough, our technological developments boost your integration architecture, facilitating data insights and reducing operational costs.
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Push your boundaries

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We develop components to help you improve the performance of your Mulesoft Integration Platform.
Achieve high availability and persistence.
Reinforce your system's resilience to technical failures.
And integrate solutions from different technologies, such as Big Data, Machine Learning and the Internet Of Things.
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Reach your goals

Optimize resources
Expert support
Improve data resilience
Fully functional at the end of subscription *
Completely scalable
Standard technologies
* Limited to the terms and conditions of the subscribed license.