Enhance your processing capabilities

Overcome any information processing challenges with our Big data solutions


Fully Clustered - High Availability

Coordinate multiple instances and form a cluster in a simple and transparent way, without affecting your current developments.

  • Cluster-wide concurrency control. Control concurrent processes in a simple way when scaling the system, both horizontally and vertically: lock, semaphore and CountDownLatch.

  • Distributed data structures. Share data between applications and scale processes transparently using distributed and concurrency-ready high-level data structures.

  • Distributed data sources. Distribute data through the whole cluster and balance the workload.

  • Distributed scopes. Optimize and enrich your processes with advanced operations like transaction and cache scopes.


Fault Tolerance

Harnesses the capabilities of the distributed persistence of data.


Cluster-enabled task scheduling

Safely runs scheduled jobs, cluster-wide.


High-Performance Message Exchange

Communication between applications implemented in different languages. Python, Node, PHP, .Net, Java...


High-Performance Data Ingestion

Design your own data ingestion processes following a simple interface and seamlessly integrate them into your system to achieve real-time data processing.


Distributed data queries

Use well-known languages - standard SQL and Lucene text query - to access data at your Apache Ignite cluster.


Distributed File System

Complete distributed file system API


Dynamic SQL Entities

Change the structure of Apache Ignite’s SQL entities with no need to restart the cluster.


Geo-spatial Persistent Indexes

Improves Apache Ignite's ability to create geospatial indexes that support persistence.


Advanced Lucene Indexes

Improve SQL queries by incorporating Apache Lucene's advanced expressions.


Instantaneous Cluster Restart

No need to reindex data using Apache Lucene and geospatial indexes with disk persistence.

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